Natural Light Studio Space

Abundant diffused natural light and tall ceilings allow you to shoot both natural light and studio strobe.

Convenient Location

The studio is convenient to Philadelphia, its suburbs, and the surrounding area via car, train.

Private Bathroom

Our private bathroom helps you and your clients avoid the awkwardness of using public restrooms. Crisis averted!

C-Stands, V-Flats, and Backdrops

We have several C-Stands, white and black V-Flats, and colored backdrops available for you to use for no additional charge.

Computer Workstations

The shooting space is equipped with two iMacs for tethering, music playback, culling, editing, displaying presentations, etc.

Upscale Design

Impress your clients with a space that is attractive and clean. They will want to move in. They can't. Sorry.


Meeting Space

A large desk, couch, and appealing aesthetic make this room perfect for consultations, sales sessions, and meetings.

Gear Rental Available

Need to rent gear for your shoot? We have you covered. Contact us for an up-to-date list of our rental gear.

Badass Team Behind You

We are here for you to make sure your photo shoot or event goes as smoothly as possible. Let us know how we can help.

Free Private and Street Parking

We have private parking behind the studio. There is also ample street parking out front, as well as access to the SEPTA lot.

Hair and Makeup Station

A daylight-balanced hair and makeup station makes it easy for your clients or your HMUA to do hair and makeup.


We have a convenient kitchennete with a microwave, coffee machine, cutlery, and dishes. Bye bye, hanger.


Perfect for